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The Factory Tile & Marble Outlet is a US national Home goods company located in Wilmington, North Carolina. To figure out why customers choose Factory Tile & Marble Outlet and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Happy Guy
    Posted Sep, 17 2019

    I was wrong. This place is awesome. It is however, terrible to find you were wrong because the contractor lied to all of us. It took THREE MONTHS for him to finish our floors. See we saved for twenty three years and were told at the beginning he would be finished in ONE MONTH. I need to mention that the store owner, his wife, and daughter, are very pleasant, knowledgeable. Three months later, no tile. These are honest people at this store. Four contractors from HOME ADVISOR said it all needs to come up. Lowest bid, $19,500 dollars. See not only did he lie, he didn't know how to lay tile The store owner told contractor it should be 1/8 inch apart. (See picture) I am sorry. I was misinformed. The stress of this man being in my house for three month's and all the lies, led to many arguments. I found all this out when I walked in the store to apologize for my post and my behavior. Graciously, they accepted my apology. The sorry contractor never ordered the tile, just like the store owner said. of our experience with the Factory Tile Outlet, Wilmington NC. My wife & I visited several flooring stores in search of tile for our home. We chose a pattern at Factory Tile Outlet & explained that we would be tiling our entire home. We were assured that this tile was their best seller & we would not have a problem securing enough for our home. We left satisfied that we had made a good choice. We provided this information to our contractor who discussed the particulars with them & placed the order. As it was a special order, we were told 3-5 days on shipping. Approximately 10-12 days later, we finally were notified the tile was in. Our contractor went to pick it up & made arrangements to pick up the order in 2 segments due to limited space to store tile & weight limitations of truck/trailer.
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